2006 As. de caritate Sf.Andrei

You sure ask yourself if God called me to work for Him so many years ago, why The Evangelistic Association for The Charity Sf. Andrei comes only now ? Having the vision all the time in my heart, in the summer of 2005 after I traveled around our country in order to talk to people about the Bible, we shared what we felt in our heart to our closed friends,Liliana and Florin Stefoni. We together, we talked and we knew in our heart that we have to do something more for our aspiration regarding God to become reality. We did not know what do we have to do, and we did not have any idea how to go farther. And yet, since then we continued to write down on the paper our aspirations, dreams and to bring them in to The Heavenly Father until the end of the year 2006. God fulfilled all our needs in order to institute The Evangelistic Association for The Charity Sf. Andrei

Together with Liliana and Florin Stefoni, guided by Holly Spirit, we accepted the challenge of God and we founded this association having a very well defined propose for it: to participate at the broadening of God's kingdom in such a way as to become difficult for people to go to hell and to be a blessing for people who are in the society where we live in and have different spiritually or material needs. Therefore we are here at the beginning of the way having the belief that we would do great things together with our God. Florin is dealing with counseling and education; Liliana and Lucia organize different events, communicate, and handle the social work. I do the work to which I am called by God: BRING THE WORD OF SOUL SALVATION THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD.

What is next...?