One impressive number of inhabitants of Timisoara, perhaps more than ever before, took part with Jesus on the Calvary path. This event is organized every year in six cities by The Evangelistic Association for The Charity Sf. Andrei and The Association Servus (from Baia Mare) in partnership with the local evangelical churches. Jesus Christ on The Calvary path was interpreted by Dan Les (an artist specialized in pottery ceramics waves). It was for sure the most impressive stage role - more impressive than any fiction or film production. The player received real bruises along the way, carried the cross and he was flouting treading being barefoot in the streets of Timisoara. All of these impressed to tears the entire crowd who attended to this event; they were attracted to Piata Unirii where it was the climax of Calvary, where the evangelist Claudiu Lapadat invited the audience to experience life and to receive the salvation of God.

The Festival 100% for ChristThe Festival 100% for Christ was created in order to help young people to know Christ in a personal way; to help them understand more deeply the ministry; and also to create relationships betwen young people. This year we are glad to organize this event in Constanta.

Youth for mission Medias 2009TPM Medias (YFM Medias) is a Christian interdenominational institute which is part of YOUTH WITH A MISSION INTERNATIONAL

  • >> The Hymn of Revolution...

  • was played in December 1989 from the Opera balcony (which is situated in the Victory Square in Timisoara) by the pastor Petrica Dugulescu together with thousands of people

  • We live the end of the century
    With fighting, hatred and war
    But happy we look at the sky
    It is not much and The Lord
    Will come again to us
  • He comes back, He comes back.
    What an unspeakable joy
    The bitter ordeal
    of the night will end
    Because The Lord will come again.

  • Heaven and earth is full
    With signs of His coming
    His word is Yes Amen!
    There is no shadow of change in Him.